Berry Single Strand Necklace, 16+2'' - Peony Jade

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Color: Peony

Pearl, Peony (Pink), Meadow (Green), Violet (Purple), and Ocean (blue)

Sometimes, a rope of beads is just the thing to pull together a look, magically achieving that polished-yet-breezy effect that instantly brightens your day. Accented with a sprinkling of golden berries and composed of pearl or jade, this necklace imbues the natural beauty of Mother Nature wherever you venture. Equally fabulous when worn alone or layered along with our chains and pendants.

18K Gold IP over Brass

Measures: 1.6 L x 0.4 W x 1.6 H inches

As each piece is entirely made by hand with natural materials, they will all vary slightly and carry the soulful imperfections of the artisan who made it.

Always avoid contact with water, lotion, perfume, chemicals, perspiration, and make-up as these can alter the jewelry finish.

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