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About Us


O U R   P H I L O S O P H Y  


We believe that the whole reason for life, is love! Join us in selecting a Love filter through which to see and guide your life. If every woman in the world felt truly loved – think of the amazing difference it would make.


We celebrate the journey of girlhood to womanhood by honoring the principles of FemPower that ring true regardless of age or circumstance: self-love, self-respect and the innate, feminine power we each possess. Female empowerment starts at home, so our inaugural campaign celebrates four generations of dynamic women in Capucine’s family ages 91 – 5, captured by esteemed photographer Noe DeWitt.


All of us are perfectly imperfect. We stand against pop culture norms by photographing super women, not super models and we never Photoshop their natural appearance. True beauty is revealed when we discover and embrace our unique essence from the inside out.

A B O U T   C A P U C I N E

Capucine was born in Paris of a French father and a Texan mother. Her unique upbringing, combining old-world Europe with southern whimsy resulted in her hallmark personality and design aesthetic of French romance with an American sensibility. In 2001, Capucine and her husband David Gooding founded Juliska – an acclaimed tableware and home décor company with the motto “Love and the Art of Living Well.” With a grand debut in 2017, Capucine De Wulf jewelry combines all of Capucine’s great passions – womanhood, home and heart, through the medium of personal adornment. Capucine lives with her three scallywag daughters, marvelous husband and a small zoo of furry pets in New Canaan, Connecticut.

O U R   J E W E L R Y

We create jewelry that makes a woman feel and look fabulous. Symbolic designs in precious materials at accessible price points. Our 3 core collections: Bohémienne, Earth Goddess and La Jardinière are inspired by Capucine’s experiences, musings and life philosophy.


O U R   C O L L E C T I O N S

 Earth Goddess
La Jardinière

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