Our Commitment 
One of the reasons we set out on this new journey, was to create a company that would be socially responsible for empowering girls and celebrating women. This will always be woven in to our work and we will continuously donate a portion of our sales to charities that align with our values. We are always seeking new organizations that are making waves for women and girls. Should you have a great one in mind, we'd love to hear from you!  You can email us about philanthropy at

Our current partner is the nationally recognized non-profit WIT, which empowers and equips high school teens with the tools needed to become social entrepreneurs and leaders. WIT's mission is to revolutionize the high school learning experience by providing ALL high school teens access to WIT entrepreneur program opportunities (in person and online). As a female-led company, Capucine De Wulf, is excited about the number of teen girls becoming entrepreneurs and making an impact through WIT. In some of the WIT cohorts, over 65% of participants are female. To learn more visit: