Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Fuchsia the brand color?

We like to think of it as the FemPower shade of Pink – FemPower Fuchsia!


What is the CDW gold icon?

Our icon is a stylized gold blossom of the Capucine flower. We chose this because flowers are the earths natural adornment and a symbol of authentic beauty. As founder Capucine’s personal motto is ‘Spread Love’, you’ll see the subtle heart shaped petals tucked into the motif.


What does Capucine mean?

It is a French word for the Nasturtium Flower.


What does “Live Life Through a Love Filter” mean?

Just like you choose your Instagram filters on your images, you have the power to choose a LOVE FILTER for your life. Choose to subscribe to Love and goodness. Embody it. Spread it. Choose to see and live your life through a Love Filter.


How do I care for my jewelry?

Easy – just keep away from water, lotions, chemicals, perspiration, etc.  Keep in your gorgeous little fuchsia pouch when not in use to keep it gleaming.


Where can I find your jewelry?

Please use the store locator on our website to find a store location near you!Please email or call our Concierge Service team with questions, comments or a good joke. or 877.353.0711