She's a Gem - The Marvelous Malins!

She's a Gem - The Marvelous Malins!

Micaela and I met when our daughters were in preschool together. I adored her from the very first day, when she greeted me with an irresistible smile and enthusiasm for pretty much everything! At a towering 5 feet tall, make no mistake that Micaela is a powerhouse. She is fiercely loving, full of compassion, creativity, endless energy and always finds reasons to smile and celebrate others. She volunteers for everything - and I mean everything!  Whenever there is a school, community, or philanthropic event - Micaela can be found there in full force contributing in every way. She immigrated here as a young girl from the Philippines and now has two darling children, Robbie and Marina. If Micaela is boisterous and sparkly like a faceted diamond, her daughter Marina is gentle and confidently poised like a luminous pearl. Although this mother daughter duo expresses themselves differently, their inner light radiates the same qualities - kindness, humility, care for others, optimism and a zest for living. Enjoy reading their answers and seeing what you might have in common with them!


From Micaela:  

Share something you learned from your mother and something you learned from your daughter:

From my mother I learned thoughtfulness and from my daughter discipline.


If you were a gemstone - what would you be and why? What are your facets?

Alexandrite because the beauty of the stone comes from its ability to change its color when viewed at different angles. This stone represents the idea of not being defined by one facet but by the ability to change. I’m a very happy, high energy, half glass full person.


I am happiest when I am…

with my children just sitting and chatting.

 Micaela Family

Modus operandi - what is your M.O.? Something you do every day, unfailingly?

Every day I wake up grateful to have another day to choose to be happy. My mantra is Be Kind, Be Honest and Be Grateful.


What is your Spirit Animal…or Alter Ego? 

A Lioness, because she’s fierce! 


Favorite way to spend a rainy day?

In bed with my children binge watching Netflix.


Biggest lesson learned in the past 2 years?

Tomorrow is not promised.

  Micaela Portrait

What’s on your bedside table?

A children’s book called “I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug”


Favorite dessert?

Halo halo - Filipino dessert


Where is your favorite corner of the Earth?

Bora Bora - the peace and serenity I felt watching the sunset over the clear blue water was amazing.


Fictional soirée - what 3 guests would you invite to your party, dead or alive?

Oprah, Katherine Hepburn and Mother Theresa 


What do you want to tell other women?

Embrace your truth and find beauty in your imperfection.

 Micaela Marina

What act of love have you given or received lately that had a wonderful impact?

A special friend gave me a book called “Someday” when I was going through a challenging time with my daughter. The book just reminded me that I would look back at this time and think it wasn’t worth all the wasted energy.


From Marina (Micaela's daughter):

How do you express your creativity?

I express my creativity through writing poems or journaling. This allows me to express and see my thoughts unravel in front of my eyes.

 Marina Portrait

When do you feel most powerful?

I feel the most powerful after summiting a mountain and looking up at the clouds and the other beautiful mountains surrounding.


What act of love have you given or received lately that had a wonderful impact?

A simple act of love I recently gave was hugging my best friend. Such a simple act can go a long way in a time where she needed comfort and to know that she is loved by her surroundings.



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