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She's a Gem - Estela!

Estela is one of the most spiritual people I have ever met. She is pure of heart, consistently expressing gratitude, quick to laugh, deeply loving and unfailingly wise. She asks thoughtful questions. She gives meaningful answers, but only when asked. She absolutely adores children and seems to have a special connection with each and every one she meets. She's equally competitive and terrible at ping-pong with no loss of enthusiasm. Estela is Japanese and first generation Brazilian. She speaks five different languages and now resides in Los Angeles with her daughter and husband. After giving up her career in international corporate law to have a family, she now coaches parents in the practice of Positive Discipline through her business, Roots & Wings. When you ask Estela what she cares about most she says 'children and encouraging happy healthy family dynamics.' It is my pleasure and privilege to call Estela my dear friend. 


If you were a gemstone - what would you be and why? What are your facets?

I would be a pearl. Wait, pearl is not a gem stone...but it is the first thing that came to my mind. I love the ocean! It feels like my second home, with its permanent peace even below a storm, its unseen treaures and quiet power. 


I am happiest when I am…

in wild remote places, barely touched by civilization, where one can feel the origins of life. 


Where is home to you? 

Wherever I can cook and laugh with people I love.




Modus operandi - what is your m.o. Something you do every day, unfailingly?

Look at the sky, put on some Brazilian music, drink my warm water with lemon, plan the entire day to the maximum detail and enjoy the pleasure of checking off the big tasks. Do something meaningful to someone. Move my body with something that energizes me and makes me feel alive (yoga is my thing at the moment), prepare a special family meal, play with my daughter as if we were both 10, pay and give thanks for the day..  


Favorite way to spend a rainy day?

At a cozy restaurant, dry and warm, with a few close friends, hot drinks and comfort food, interesting conversation, overlooking the ocean, dramatic clouds and strong purple, pink and orange colors...watching lighting and waiting for the rainbow. 


What keeps you up at night?

Nothing. I love to sleep, and sleep like a rock! 


Who is your role model or hero?

So many giants of humanity have a place at my heart's altar, but, at this very moment in the history of my country, Brazil, I have to pick Sergio Moro as my hero. He is the Federal Judge who is leading a monumental battle against the deeply ingrained culture of corruption of the country. He is proof that one man willing to go all the way can change history. 


What’s on your bedside table?

At least 3 books I am reading at the same time and all sorts of lotions and potions.  


I feel powerful when …

I speak from my heart


Favorite dessert?

Creme Caramel with lots of sauce. Tastes like childhood...



If you could bring anyone back, who would it be?

All the women who were living examples of servant leadership and who walked this Earth (Joan of Arc, Madre Teresa, Benazir Bhutto, etc.) I would bring them back all at the same time and the world would have no choice but to be a place of love and peace. 


What do you geek out on?

Health and nutrition...I drive my croissant-chocolate-all-sugar-stuff-love husband crazy with it...


What is your all-time favorite book or fabulous recent-read?

Sidarta, by Herman Hesse. It marked my youth and the beginning of my posh philosophical inclinations...



How do you know when someone loves you?

When I am miles and years away, we meet and it feels as if we never parted. 



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