Sarah Hernholm

Founder/President WIT, Inc.

Sarah is one of my dear long time friends from high school. With a boisterous laugh, sparkling blue eyes and gumption for miles, she founded and grew a tremendous nonprofit organization called WIT - WHATEVER IT TAKES -Kids. Her organization runs a college credit program for high school teens, teaching them how to become social entrepreneurs and leaders who do Whatever It Takes to make the world a better place. 80% of the WIT program participants are girls which is why we are proud to support her organization by donating a percentage of Capucine DeWulf profit each year to help fund her programs. Sarah is a warm, funny and super inspiring person who I am blessed to know. You can get to know her a little bit too by watching her awesome TED talk HERE.

  1. If you were a gemstone - what would you be and why? What are your facets?
    Sapphire. Because blue is my favorite color. It really is that simple. :)

  2. I am happiest when I am truly present. When I’m fully in the moment I can see so clearly just how amazing life really is!

  3. Where is home to you?
    Home isn’t necessarily 4 walls. For me it’s that moment when you pause, look around and go …”this is right where I wanna be”. I’ve had this feeling in different ways -- I’ve had surrounded by family members, laughing with friends, singing a favorite hymn in church. I’ve been on a stage looking out at an audience of 300 and felt it, and also felt it sitting with a teen helping them navigate a problem. I’ve even experienced it solo on a mountain. So, I think it comes down to home being a feeling that what I’m doing in that moment is exactly what I was put on this planet to do…and with exactly who I’m meant to be doing it with.

  4. Modus operandi - what is your m.o.? Something you do everyday, unfailingly?
    I do Whatever It Takes. Every. Single. Day. 

  5. Biggest lesson learned in the past 2 years?
    Every setback is a setup for something better — cause everything is happening “for” you… not “to” you.

  6. What keeps you up at night?
    Worrying about things that will most likely never happen. But I’ve gotten pretty good and counteracting those thoughts and shutting down the worry spiral.

  7. What do you wish you had more of? 
    Patience. Acceptance. Grace. And yes, I’m working on all three things. Xo

  8. Favorite quote? 
    “There’s always enough time to do the right thing.” – Dad

  9. What’s on your bedside table? 
    A stack of favorite books. My glasses - which I rarely use because I wear my contacts until the last minute I fall asleep. A candle which I’ve never lit, but it’s so pretty.

  10. I feel powerful when I conquer a fear.

  11. Favorite Dessert?
    Hmmm… it’s a toss-up. My mom’s cheese pie and a lemon cake I now make, but it’s a recipe from my mom.

  12. Where is your favorite corner of the Earth?
    Wherever my family is.

  13. If you could bring anyone back, who would it be?
    My mom’s mom. My grandmother who I never met. I have really strong feeling we’d enjoy getting to know one another. Plus, I’d love hearing her talk about my mom.

  14. What do you geek out on?
    1. Musical Theater
    2. Learning how companies run — the ins and outs, the behind-the-scenes.
    3. Filmmaking
      #2 and #3 switch around, but #1 holds steady. 

  15. What is your all-time favorite book, or fabulous recent-read?
    Little Women came to mind first … and I also love The Alchemist + The Little Prince. I’ve read them all multiple times.

  16. How do you know when someone loves you?
    It’s the feeling of knowing you can be 100% you — the good, the bad, the loud, the messy, the weird — all of it. And they are still there.

  17. What are a few of your favorite smells?
    My mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce — my childhood + my mom’s love for me all wrapped up into one Beach — the mix of suntan oil, sand, and the ocean.

  18. What do you want to tell other women?
    That we go further together…and there’s enough to go around. Enough men. Enough money. Enough opportunities. Enough love. Enough beauty. Sooooo…. Compliment one another. Build one another up. Someone else being beautiful, doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. Someone else meeting their soulmate, doesn’t mean you won’t meet yours. Someone else getting funding for their business, doesn’t mean you won’t get funded. Let’s support one another (and let’s not take things so personally, ok? ;) …

  19. What are you most passionate about in your life right now?
    I love my “job”. I put it in quotes, because I think the word just doesn’t capture how I feel about how I get to spend my days. It’s been a wild journey, but I’ve built companies with missions I’m incredibly passionate about and each day I ask myself, “How can we do this better? How can we bring more value?”

  20. What’s your favorite joke?
    What do you call cheese that’s not yours?
    Nacho cheese
    (taught to me by a 2nd grader years ago…shared at multiple dinner parties since)

  21. What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done that you would recommend others try?
    Launch a business.

  22. What act of love have you given or received lately that had a wonderful impact?
    Can we just talk about the power of a thank you note…or just a card for no reason? When you grab the mail and amidst the “junk” there is a small card peeking out…and you can tell it’s personalized… doesn’t your heart just smile? It feels so good to be thought of, and to be appreciated. Just yesterday I received one of these treasures from my dear friend Vero…and the week before I got a postcard from my friend Erin who has been traveling through India. Both are featured on my countertop :)

  23. What’s your biggest splurge? (Travel, Beauty products, cashmere, etc?)
    I LOVE beautiful things, but more than anything I love memorable experiences. So, I opt for travel adventures over “things” any day of the week.

  24. What advice would you give your 16 year old self?
    You’re enough. Now act like it.

  25. What do you do when you start to feel overwhelmed?
    Never underestimate the power of a solo dance party. Sometimes you need to just blast the music - in your car, in your house, in your headphones - and just let it go. Oh, and prayer and meditation work, too. :)

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  • Lynda: December 25, 2017

    Thank you Sarah for the best Christmas Day thoughts I could ever imagine. I am 76 and one is never too old to be inspired.

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