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30 things you can do right now to feel uplifted and spread love to all those around you. If you did one each day for a month, think of the wonderful ripple effects you could cause.

1. Do a little something creative everyday - even if it's just painting your nails

2. Go start a conversation with your neighbor

3. Create a mini-haven that makes you happy and spend a few minutes there every day, whether it's a cozy reading nook, meditation space, or luxurious vanity

4. Share with friends!  Get an extra of your New Favorite Thing and give it to a buddy - such as a coffee or a beauty product

5. Wear your best jewelry.  Dine on your fine china.  Don't wait for the perfect occasion!

6. Include Everyone.  See that lone person sitting by themselves, invite them to join you

7. Surround yourself with objects that make you happy, from your collection of crystals to vintage postcards

8. Call your friends on your birthday to tell them how much they mean to you

9. Indulge both your body and soul by taking the time to make or buy food that is creative and nourishing

10. Smile at strangers. Yep - if you make eye contact - dazzle them with your fabulous smile!

11. Dig in the dirt and plant a few flowers or a fresh herb garden potted in your kitchen window

12. Make a point to write something positive on someone's social media posting, even to a stranger

13. Put on music that you love to listen to and break out some dance moves!

14. Remember to smile at yourself every time you look in the mirror

15. Buy or pick fresh flowers - some for you and a bunch to give away

16. Pet or cuddle an animal

17. Support Local - shop at your farmer's market, donate time or funds to a charity

18. Take a fun class to do something out of the ordinary - cupcake decorating, watercolor painting, salsa dancing...

19. Bake something yummy - indulge - and share!

20. Take pictures of things you find inspiring or beautiful and look at them often

21. Seek out nature and spend time in it

22. Trust your inner wisdom

23. Write something by hand - a recipe, thank you  note, love letter, or positive affirmation

24. Speak up!  For yourself and others

25. Treat yourself to chocolate cake for breakfast!

26. Have a glass of wine or a cup of tea with a friend

27. Write I Love You! in lipstick on the mirror for a loved-one to wake up to

28. Revel in little rituals like bubble baths and night caps

29. Leave a little note of appreciation in someone's bag so they find it later

30. Find some inspirational quotes and post them on your bathroom mirror to see each morning

31. Go back to #1 and Repeat!


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