She's a Gem - The Fine Family!

She's a Gem - The Fine Family!
I'm so pleased to introduce, the Fabulous Fine Family! Fempower starts at home and passes from one generation to the next - so does humor, thoughtfulness, altruism, self-confidence and grace. These important qualities, as well as many others, pass from the family Matriarch down to her daughters and then down to her daughters' daughters. Although the principles remain the same, each characteristic undergoes an evolution of its own with each generation. These 3 generations of Fine women are an inspiring and smile inducing example of how love, humor and strong values have stood the test of time and grown with each passing year. I hope this will serve as a reminder to all of us how important it is to spend time with the Matriarchs of our family, listen to their stories and inherit their wisdom. To spend time with our mothers, learn their traditions and understand their thoughts. To spend time with our daughters and granddaughters, for they are the future and the greatest gift we give the world - which is why investing in their sense of womanhood and empowerment has never been more important.


Share something you learned from your mother and/or daughter:

Fiona - I learned how to be patient and never to judge people to quickly-you never know what someone may be going through! And of course how to be the best mom ever!

Paula (Fiona's sister) - To be yourself, and kind 

Joyce (Fiona's mother) - Stand up straight, comb your hair & wear a smile

Adeline (Fiona's daughter) - To laugh and not take everything so seriously! 

Hunter (Fiona's daughter) - The power of a smile! 


I am happiest when I am…

Fiona - with my girls! They make me smile and proud- they make feel powerful!

Paula - enjoying a Blue Bird day, with family & friends

Joyce - with my family 




What is your all-time favorite book, or fabulous recent read?

Fiona - Charlotte's Web, The One and Only Ivan!

Paula - Vogue, AD and counless design/fashion & inspiration magazines at the moment

Joyce - Gone with the Wind


Biggest lesson learned in the past 2 years? 

Fiona & Joyce - how valuable friendships are

Paula - To accept and adapt to change


Fictional soirée - what 3 guests would you invite to your party, dead or alive?

Fiona - My 3 guests would be the queen, Princess Diana, William and Harry! Can I please have 4?

Paula - Lindsay Vonn, Gloria Steinem, Gloria Vanderbilt 

Joyce - Mary  Queen of Scots, Margot Fonteyn and Ruth Bader Ginsburg 


What are you most passionate about in your life right now?

Fiona - Making sure my girls grow up to be good people!

Paula - Organizing

Joyce - Searching my heritage to pass on to my Grand Daughters




What act of love have you given or received lately that had a wonderful impact?

Fiona - I teach 5 year olds- every day they give back to me more than I could ever give to them! 

Paula - Being a great friend

Joyce - Hugging loved ones


What cause/philanthropy are you passionate about?

Fiona - Teaching and educating people!

Paula - Sustainability, being green

Joyce -  Education


Why are girls awesome?

Adeline - Girls are so awesome because they can do anything they want to do!

Hunter - Girls are awesome because they can do anything!


How do you know someone loves you?

Adeline - Kindness of course!

Hunter - They say nice things about you!


 Fine Family


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