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Celebrating Love, Authentic Beauty and Womanhood with truly fem-omenal ladies!

This Spring I launched my brand with a little “Love Tour” visiting some of our fabulous retailers throughout the country to spread Love, promote Authentic Beauty and celebrate Womanhood! It’s been an unforgettable experience so far and one we wanted to share!

We kicked off the Love Tour with a #FemPowerParty at the marvelous Peachtree Place in Northfield, Illinois. Woman of all ages from 6 to 78 joined us for a meaningful day full of fun and #FemPower! Mothers and daughters were in attendance and it filled me with sheer delight to see multiple generations come together over cookies and CDW jewelry. Our capsule collection of Mother & Daughter mix and match friendship jewelry was a hit: https://capucinedewulf.com/collections/mother-daughterOur youngest ladies were the most creative in showing us new ways to style the jewelry! Time is well spent when it is in the company of children – especially such stylish ones!

The next stop on the tour was Charles Mayer in Indianapolis, where again, I was able to gather and meet some truly lovely ladies of all generations and share stories. I adored meeting everyone and hearing the excitement over our CDW brand philosophies and the jewelry design itself. I could feel the love in the room, a comradery among us all. There were artists, full time mothers, lawyers and business owners, small children and high school students – all in various stages of womanhood – all with different expressions of feminine power. Each woman I spoke to had a different story, but they all had a twinkle in their eye. I have noticed that when women gather in intergenerational groups, we all thoroughly enjoy it – there is a tactile sisterhood weaving between us. That sparkle I saw – seemed to last for days afterwards. We women need to make the time to get together intergenerationally, eat cookies and share stories more often!

My latest stop was at Neiman Marcus at the Northpark Center in Dallas. The afternoon began with a private Juliska luncheon I hosted for 20 people including tastemakers Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, her mother Myrna Schlegel, Susan Marcus and my very own precious mother, Vicky Stewart Cameron. Apart from these lovely women, we began as a table of like-minded strangers, with lots of things of things in common, as we would soon discover. In order to get us all acquainted, I orchestrated an elegant little game. Handwritten envelopes were tied with blue bows to cherry blossom branches in the centerpiece bouquets on the table. Each woman chose an envelope, found a question inside and told the table her answer. One of my favorite questions of the day was, “What advice would you give Meghan Markle?” To which my friend, Southern Living editor, author and generally fabulous woman, Kimberly Whitman, answered, “Stay true to yourself and keep the messy bun!” (PS –You must run, don’t walk and buy one of Kim’s entertaining books! “Parties Around a Punch Bowl” is the newest one. And stalk her Instagram @kimberlywhitman. We had a lovely lunch giggling, sharing stories and revealing both meaningful and humorous sides to ourselves. Immediately following lunch, we hosted a pink champagne and dessert buffet to celebrate the CDW jewelry trunk show which was laid out on a fresh bed of live flowers and orchids. We all had a grand time with friends – old and new! Also in attendance was fantastic mother-daughter duo Laura Phillips and Elizabeth Carlock Phillips of ‘Lolli and Me’, a platform encouraging generations of women to come together to celebrate the places “Where Generations Meet” every day – I was inspired by what they are doing because it was so closely linked to my personal philosophy. Take a moment to peek at their blog: https://lolliandme.com/.

The Love Tour was an amazing time spent with fem-omenal women, each one an absolute GEM! It reaffirmed my belief that women are deeply powerful and valuable at every age in various ways. In each city, the gatherings had a special feeling of joyfulness, comfort and rejuvenation that can only come from a room full of marvelous women. I can hardly wait to gather again to celebrate Love, Authentic Beauty, and Womanhood soon on the next “Love Tour” stop!

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